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Western USA Courses SLIDE SHOWS:

The Slide Shows are hole by hole images taken in preparation for each weeks' tournament either on a Sunday Monday or Tuesday as part of my individual golf course 'homework'. And was just one part of the necessary preparation to be done before the actual beginning tournament start each and every Thursday of tournament week. Being able to accurately portray the holes and shots upcoming in your minds eye can be relevant as you move through the day and throughout each days round. In CaddyBytes I made that all available in the form of Slide Shows so that every fan of golf might get a birds eye view of the individual key finishing holes on a given week. Many are high quality digital pictures of great championship golf courses.    Our Slide & Shows section of CaddyBytes was created in older software and so it is not readied for small device viewing like an IPHONE or Android PHONES.   However you can view it better in a tablet by turning it sideways.  To access that older version to see them - (until we add them to this page forthcoming) - you can go to that older main page version and please note that web page will open in a separate browser from here:   Caddybytes Slide Shows here: