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I)  Is there a warranty on the golf clubs you buy from Caddybytes?

Warranty Info

Techpower Golf has been in the design, production, and sale of their 'generic' line of golf clubs for the past 12 years.  Techpower Golf uses high quality materials and quality control along with their own unique leading edge design features to keep pace with the big brand name manufacturers in the golf equipment business today.   The Techpower golf clubs that are for sale on contain a one-year limited warranty from verified date of purchase unless otherwise specified.  CaddyBytes and Techpower warrants against defective workmanship or material when the product is used for the purpose it was intended and under normal conditions.   In which case we will repair or replace at our option.  

III)  How do I place my order using the drop down menu?

Just follow the directions on the form there by filling in Your Name, Your Contact Email address, -(we will NEVER share your email address with anyone else, and we need it to email you back in order to give you the correct fit!) -and then by selecting the choices you request in the drop down menu -you make those selections by clicking on the down arrow for each entry decision there. 

      b)  The Product Model is the first selection and it will always be highlighted as the only choice by default.  

      c)  The next choice will be the Loft of the club from the selections provided there.  For a driver you will have a number of selections available for that model.  You should know how high or low you hit your drives.   If you hit it low then make sure you get the maximum loft.  If you already hit it high and want to bring your ball flight down, then do so, etc.    If there is only one selection in a drop down menu, then that is the only one there is available.

II)  What are the different shaft choices, what come at the standard price and which come at an upgraded price?  And, is it extra to assemble my clubs for me?   

          a)  For drivers and fairway woods the standard choices are for True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft or Techpower's graphite shaft (The True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft is a standard quality known steel shaft in the market, but for Drivers it can only be 43 and 1/2 maximum length, whereas graphite because of the lightness can be longer) .  

          b)  For Irons and Wedge purchases, it's the Techpower graphite shafts for irons or the Dynamic Gold steel shafts.  (For upgrades see part "(b"), next, that follows.)

          b)  There are upgrades to your shaft choices and they are listed also in the drop down menu's as well as on the payment button selections for each club.(s)  For drivers we offer two upgrade shaft choices for two popular graphite shafts on the market today; -the UST Proforce 6.5 graphite shaft for a $20.00 upgrade, or the Grafalloy Pro Lite 3.5 graphite shaft at a $30.00 upgrade per club.  (If you have a request for a certain shaft email us and we'll try to get that one for you.)

         d)  There is no extra charge to assemble the clubs per your order specifications from the drop down menu order form and selecting the standard or upgrade choices for each.  These specifications are for golf clubs set up with standard loft and lies.  (*For any special modification to clubs such as loft, lie, adjustment or for any special bending requests, there is an additional charge per club -email us about your requests and we will work with you.)  

         e)*For iron sets and wedges the upgrades are for the Techpower Stepless Steel shafts.  (like the name brand 'Rifle' shafts on the market today.) 

How about the length of my driver I want built, do I have a choice?               
         f)  We will email you back about the length you'd like your driver to be and we'll make recommendations based upon what your needs are.  (This we'll do via email when we confirm your order back to make sure you get the best possible fit)  If you choose a driver to have a Dynamic Gold steel shaft, then it can only be 43 and 1/2 inches.  Whereas, graphite can be 44 to 45 inches.  We will email you about this.

How do I figure out what shaft flex I need?
        g)  Next, you make a Shaft Flex Choice from the next drop down menu.  The choices are for a Stiff, Firm, or Regular flexed shaft.   If you are not sure how to determine this then read this:

For Drivers:  

You need a Regular flexed shaft if you don't swing particularly hard at the ball and you don't regularly fly the ball over 200 yards.  

You need a Firm flexed shaft if you hit it 200 to 240 yards and fly the ball at least 200 yards in the air with your driver.

You need a Stiff flexed shaft if you hit the ball over 240 yards and fly it 230 and farther in the air
and you are athletic and swing hard or you are a low handicap player.

You need a Senior Flex if you hit your driver 170 to 190 yards in the air.

You need a Ladies Flex if you fly it 150 yards in the air or less.

For Irons and Wedges:

You need a Stiff flexed shaft if you hit your five iron 180-5 yards plus in the air.
You need a Firm flexed shaft If you hit your five iron 165 to 170 yards in the air.

You need a Regular flexed shaft if you hit a five iron 150 to 160 yards in the air.
You need a Senior Flex if you hit your five iron less than 140 yards in the air.

You need a Ladies Flex if you hit you five iron 125-130 yards or less in the air.

     h)  And the final selection to make in the drop down menu will be about Grip selections.  With irons or woods it is by default Techpowers Standard Black or Black and White Crossline Grip.  There are some additional grip selections for putters off their individual drop down forms.

Once I've filled out the form and hit Submit, how do I know it will work?

     i)  Now that you've successfully filled out the order form, Click the SUBMIT button on the bottom there, and you'll see your choices and selections on a results page.  Click the Back To Form link and you'll be back at that club page to continue with your order:

III)  If I make a mistake in my choice from the order form how will I know I made the correct decision and if not will I be able to change it?

         If you think you made a mistake, no problem, fill it out again, and resend it.  Remember we will email you back your choices and ask you a couple more questions to make sure you will get a good fit!

After I've filled out the order form how do I pay for my order?

    j)  Then you may click on the correct Paypal, BUY NOW, button, (you'll also see the upgrade price choices if you've selected any specific to your upgrade charge) -if you are paying by credit card.  (See Paypal info at the bottom of this page in Section (V).)  There is also an email link that you may send us if you want to pay via a USPS Money Order.  

IV)   Is shipping an additional charge to the listed price of the clubs on the product page.  How long does the Free Shipping take to my door?

Shipping is included via UPS Ground in the standard cost of the club(s) assembled to your order specifications as stated above.   Shipping is five to seven business days -(depending whether you're on East or West Coast of U.S.)  After you've verified your choices with Caddybytes about how to build your club(s) and you've paid for the order, we will build them and mail them to your door.  

*Any request for expedited shipping is at an extra charge. 

When you select the Paypal 'Buy Now' button to pay for you order you will go through the secure online payment process and will therein also provide your correct shipping address.  If you want to pay by money order, then click on that link, and you can email us with your correct shipping address and request to pay by USPS Money Order.  

V)   How do I pay for my order and what does Caddybytes accept for payment?

We accept payment by Credit Card via Paypal, an online, secure payment management company and accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.  Paypal is a secure on line CC payment company with a Buyer/Seller protection policy, and Caddybytes is Paypal 'Verified' Member.  We also accept payment via and by USPS Money Order.Ca

*Note: If you are coming to this page from an individual club page click your browser's BACK button to get back to your club page, otherwise you'll only be able to link back to the Caddybytes Pro Shop, if that occurs, then look for the picture for the club(s) that you are interested in and click that thumbnail on the Pro-Shop page to get back to your club page!

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Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!
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VI)   Any other questions?


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