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All of our golfer's cigar accessories are designed with the golfer in mind to fit all your individual cigar smoking requirements while out on the golf course.  The golfer's cigar lighters, golfing humidors, and golfing cigar accessories are light, compact, durable, and functional to make both your golfing and cigar smoking more enjoyable! 

No longer available!

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Cigar Caddy 5 Stick Humidor

-Free Shipping: -is a great golf/travel/play cigar humidor that holds five cigars. 
The 5-stick Cigar Caddy is a waterproof, crushproof, cigar travel case that can float.  Keep Cigars moist and fresh for weeks with our travel humidor.  - Store up to 5 Churchill cigars in our 3400 Cigar Cases.  Fits perfectly into a golf bag, briefcase, glove compartment, or tackle box.

No longer available!

Golfer's Cigar Bag $39.99

-Free Shipping: is 8 and 1/2 " Tall and 2 1/2 " diameter.  Can be clipped to any golf bag for easy access. Makes a great gift for the golfer and cigar enthusiast to keep cigars fresh and protected. Includes Torch Lighter, Two Fingered Cutter, 3 golf tees and 3 ABS Tubes. Limited Supply now only available ONLY in Blue or Green!

Golf Cigar Pro Assortment

  -is a Deluxe Acrylic Cigar Cutter with double stainless steel blades.
The 4-in-1 is a Divot Tool, Cigar or Club rest and Ball Marker.
Comes in Blue, Green or Silver.  Butane Refillable Wind Proof Lighter. 



Golf Cart Humidor

Golfer's Cigar Survivor Gift Set - is a great gift item for any golfer on or off the golf course.  It comes with a Black Leather Cigar Case, Circular Cigar Cutter, and Multi-functional Generic Style (Non Wenger) Army Knife.  

To Purchase:  Choose the Paypal Buy Now Button (Below) that matches your cigar item or accessory choice above. (If you want the golf lighter choose the Paypal Buy Now Button corresponding to your choice and make a note of color choice or use email option.  We verify all orders back to our customers before placing or shipping.  Shipping is Free Continental U.S. only: 
Cigar Caddy 5 Stick Humidor -Holds cigars up to 5 Churchill cigars.  Waterproof, crushproof, fits perfectly into golf bag, brief case, or tackle box!
$39.99 - Cigar Caddy 5-Stick Portable Humidor  - includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.
Golfer's Cigar Bag -Holds cigars up to 8 inches long and 54 ring gauge.  Includes torch lighter, two fingered cutter, three golf tees, and 3 ABS tubes.  Comes in blue, green, red, or black.
$39.99  Golfer's Cigar Bag -
Includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.!
Golf Cigar Pro Assortment -three piece assortment to take with you to the golf course.  Includes three piece acrylic cutter with double stainless steel blades; A 3-in-1 divot repair tool, and wind proof lighter.

$29.99  Golfer's Cigar Pro Assortment Includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.!
Golfer's Cigar Survivor Gift Set - a great gift item for any golfer on or off the golf course. 
Golfer's Cigar Survivor Set - includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.

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